Life and work of Charles Darwin                                

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1 Birth town Shrewsbury 2 Birth house The Mount 3 Father Robert and grandfather Erasmus 4 Lamarck and heredity of acquired traits
5 The medical school at Edinburgh 6 Living in Edinburgh 7 Grant teaches Darwin the lower animals 8 Christ's College in Cambridge
9 Darwin's life in Cambridge
10 Sedgwick
     Sedgwick Museum
11 FitzRoy and the Beagle 12 Darwin's books: Von Humboldt and Lyell.
13 Start of the voyage of the Beagle 14 Discovery of fossil bones, a. o. the giant sloth 15 Glyptodon, Taxodon, Macrauchenia 16 The story of the Fuegians
17 Darwin collection in Londen
     Lyells right
18 Darwin collection of shells in Londen 19 Darwin collection Londen: lobsters and rocks 20 Galapagos Islands
21 Darwin's finches 22 Second part of the voyage.
      Book: The Voyage of The Beagle
23 Farming out the work
     Darwin's boek on coral islands and atolls
24 Living in London
     Discovery of natural selection
25 Explanation of natural selection 26 Artificial selection 27 Contacts with breeders and growers 28 Book list, part 1
     To marry or not to marry
29 Marriage with Emma 30 Down House 31 Life and work at Down House 32 The Sandwalk
33 Again the Sandwalk 34 Greenhouse 35 Darwin's children
     Annie's death
36 George Inn
37 Barnacles and Goose barnacles 38 Resuming the study of evolution    39 The peppered moth
     The Wallace drama
40 Hooker
     Wallace and Darwin share the honour
41 Origin of species
     Museum in Oxford
42 Place of the debate 43 The debate between Wilberforce and Huxley 44 Mockery and appreciation
45 Mendel and heredity
     Missing link: Archaeopteryx
46 The book of orchids 47 Book: Animals and plants under domestication 48 Family life
49 Book list, part 2
     Descent of man
50 Book: Descent of man 51 Book: Sexual selection 52 Sexual selection
53 Book: Expression of emotion in man and animals 54 Book: Carnivorous plants 55 Book: Climbing plants
     Book: Different flowers on plants of one species
56 Book: Plant movements
57 The book of worms 58 Emma and Darwin at high age
     The autobiography
59 Darwin's death
     Darwin's children
60 Darwin's funeral
61 Conclusion