Animal remains

The Rhynie Chert contains remains of trigonotarbids ('spiders'), mites, millipedes and collembolans. These animals are among the first land dwellers. Recently more animals have been discovered: a water flea, a harvestman (a spider) and a so called euthycarcinoide. Most of these new finds are from the Windyfield chert, which is uncovered not far from Rhynie.

From my four pieces of Rhynie Chert only two thin sections contained animal remains (see below). These are probably parts of the legs of the trigonotarbid Paleocharinus rhyniensis. This animal is relatively common in the Rhynie Chert. The 'spines' are the hairs on the leg.
In Rhynie chert from the University of Manchester we have found remains of better quality.
In thin sections of the University of Groningen, made by the famous laboratory of Hemmingway in 1922, we have found remains of the very small crustacae Lepidocaris rhyniensis.

Hans de Kruyk has made the thin sections and most of the pictures. His photos are indicated with HdK.

Parts od the legs of an arachnide

Part of the legs of a trigonotarbid ('spider').
Width of the hairy object 200 µm.


Trigonotarbid (spiderlike animal): Palaeocharinus rhyniensis

Crustacean: Lepidocaris rhyniensis

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