The seed ferns

Callipterids (peltasperms) occur from the upmost Carboniferous. They are seed ferns with characteristic  leaves and fructifications. The latter are more or less umbrella-shaped with seeds at the lower side (look at the picture to the right).

The leaves are sized up to one meter, frond-shaped and bearing typical 'intercalary pinnules', leaflets coming directly from the rachis between the partial fronds.

These callipterids are relatively widespread during the Permian. Species with more or less triangular sporophylls are placed in the genus Autunia (formerly Callipteris).
Form genera based on leaves, with unknown fructifications, are: Rhachiphyllum, Lodevia and Gracilopteris.
All together it is difficult to find with certainty the name of Callipteris-like plant remains, like we have found in Lodève.
Besides callipterids there are also other groups of seed-ferns, like Taeniopteris, Neuropteris and Odontopteris.

Autunia conferta

Rhachiphyllum subauriculata

Rhachiphyllum lodevensis

Gracilopteris bergeronii

Gracilopteris strigosa

Lodevia nicklesii

Neuropteris sp.

Odontopteris sp.

Taeniopteris multinervis

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