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On this page you will find a couple of fine and useful websites. They contain a lot of information and also a wealth of interesting links to other paleontological sites.

Rhynie Chert (Aberdeen)
  (extensive description of all aspects including the animal remains)

Links for palaeobotanists
  (a huge list of paleobotanical links)

Die Welt der fossilen Pflanzen
 (fine site of Jürgen Meyer and Uwe Dittmann with emphasis on the fossil plants of Sachsen in Germany)

 Ru's Palaeo Galleries
   (the amazing collections of van Ru Smith)

Devonian Times
  (many things about the Devonian, especially about vertebrates; also plants in Who's who?)

Scottish Geology
   (gives a clear overview of the geology of beautiful Scotland)

Paleomap project
   (animations of plate tectonics, maps of continents and climate in all periodes. Excellent!)

Lyme Regis
  (everything about the region of Lyme Regis)

 A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites
   (a truly splendid site on trilobites)

Paläontologisches Museum Nierstein
  (the finest amateur museum; the collection of Arnulf and Harald Stapf)

The Ginkgo Pages: Fossils
   (everything about the Ginkgo, fossil as well a living)

 Darwin and Evolution
  (slide lectures with links)

3D-Microscopy Homepage of Wim van Egmond
   (no fossils but unbelievable 3D-photos of little organisms; red/green-spectacles!)

 Teyler Museum
  (fine site of this classical museum)

Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht
  (also an interesting site with many options)

And of course the geological associations in The Netherlands and Belgium. 

Nederlandse Geologische Vereniging (NGV)
  (the Dutch Geological Association with links to the websites of the sections)

Stichting Geologische Activiteiten (Gea)
  (with information about the sections)