Nothia aphylla

Sporangia of Nothia

This reconstruction of the sporangia of Nothia aphylla was made by El-Saadawyg and Lacey (1979). Nothia is a rare plant in the Rhynie Chert and it is not yet completely understood.
Kidston and Lang thought the sporangia to belong to the plant Asteroxylon, but it turned out to be a new plant.
The stem of Nothia shows a peculiar wavy surface.
In my slides the plant did not occur. The photos are from an exchanged slide.
In the slides of Groningen are a few sporangia and decayed stems.

Stem of aphylla

Stem with the characteristic wavy surface.
Width of the photo 1.2 cms

Detail of the previous photo

Detail of the previous photo.

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