Horneophyton lignieri

Reconstruction of Horneophyton lignieri

This is the reconstruction of Horneophyton lignieri by D.A.Eggert (1974). The underground section of the plant consisted of one or more bulbous structures with rhizoids.
The conducting strand in the stem was strengthened, but not in the same way as that of the higher plants. The structure of the sporangia  is different too: there is a central pillar present, the columella.
Because mosses possess also a columella, there is a possibility that Horneophyton is an intermediate form between the mosses and other higher plants.

The size is estimated 15 - 20 cm.

Especially the 'corms' with hair-roots, the sporangia and the spores of this plant have been found.

Conducting strand of Horneophyton

Conducting strand and spores of Horneophyton.
Diameter of the strand 160

Horneophyton lignieri

Underground section




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