Mariopteris muricata

Neuropteris attenuata

Reticulopteris muensteri

Mariopteris muricata. A liana-like seed fern.
 Piesberg near Osnabrück (Germ.), Upper
Carboniferous. Width of the photo 7 cm.
Note the climbing hooks at the end of the leaves.

Most of the seed ferns were trees.

Neuropteris attenuata. Piesberg (near Osnabrück,
Germ.), Upper Carboniferous. Three leaves attached
to one axis. The middle one is 60 cm long.
The fossil weights 35 kg. Neuropteris-like leaflets
are attached to the axis in one point.

Reticulopteris münsteri. Complete frond with  
Cyclopteris (the circular leaf at the basis).
Upper Carboniferous. Piesberg.
Length of the frond 30 cm.

Alethopteris lonchitica

Eusphenopteris neuropteroides

Odontopteris minor

Alethopteris lonchitica
Upper Carboniferous, Ibbenbüren (Germany).
Length of the frond 20 cm.

Alethopteris-like leaves are often decurrent
(lengthened along the stem) at the lower
of the leaf.

Eusphenopteris neuropteroides
Ibbenbüren (Germ.), Upper Carboniferous.
Height of the photo: 7 cm.
Sphenopteris-like leaflets are in most cases
rounded and/or lobed, sometimes
deeply divided.

Odontopteris minor from Graissessac (Fr).
Height of the photo 6 cm.