Cycasses from Bayreuth

We have found two species, both belonging to the genus Nilssonia. There is one more species known from Bayreuth: Pseudoctenis prossii.
Nilssonia polymorpha
Nilssonia polymorphais the most common species. The leaves are very differerent in size, but they have in common that the side-leaflets are standing close together. Often there is no space or very little space between the leaflets and occasionally they are grown together. Furthermore they are mostly somewhat convex and not acuminate.
The leaf as a whole is very elongated (linear). The axes of the leaves are firm.

 Nilssonia acuminataNilssonia acuminata
has acuminate side leaflets, which causes a V-shaped space between these leaflets. The leaflets are also often more elongated than in the preceding species. The leaf as a whole is therefore less linear.
PseudoctenisPseudoctenis prossii
This plant was described only recently in 1998. The leaf as a whole is large and simply pinnate. The side leaflets are attached to the side of the thick axis and they are decurrent at the lower side. They are about 1 cm wide and 12 cm long. At the base of the frond they are perpendicular to the axis, to the upper side of the frond the angle is getting smaller. This plant is rather rare.