Conifers from Bayreuth

Conifers formed an important part of the flora of Bayreuth. The fossils, however, are often fragmentary.
PodozamitesPodozamites distans
can easily be mistaken for a cycas or a Bennetitales-like plant because it does not have needle-shaped leaves but elliptical ones. The leaflets are mostly found separate but sometimes they are still attached to a branchlet.

SwedenborgiaSwedenborgia benkertii
is a cone with incised, five-pointed scales. It is the female cone of Podozamites distans. In the picture (click on it) an extremely fine specimen can be seen, found by Jürgen Meyer. On the right is a cone of less quality, which is more common.
HirmeriellaHirmeriella muensteri
used to be called Cheirolepis muensteri. The plant looks very much like a modern conifer with short needle-like leaflets. The minute cones are also found from time to time.
PalyssiaPalyssia sphenolepis
has longer and more flexible needle-shaped leaflets than the preceding species.

SchizolepisSchizolepis liasokeuperina
is a conifer of which nearly exclusively the detached needles have been found. These, however, in great number. Still some twigs with attached needles are known.