Czekanowskia-like plants from Yorkshire

The plants of this group have their needle-shaped leaves arranged in bunches like the needles of the fir. Those bunches fell off as a whole. Probably the plants grew as bushes.
The systematical place of this group is still uncertain. They are considered as a separate group inside the gymnosperms and they have become extinct.

Solenites vimineusThe species are generally difficult to distinguish. If all leaves are undivided, the species is called Solenites vimineus (click on the photo on the right). This is the most common species.

Czekanowskia sp.If forkings occur, the species belongs to the genus Czekanowskia. Several species have been described, which differ in the number of times the leaf is forked. I don't go deeper into this matter. Such a forking is visible on the photo on the left. So this is Czekanowskia sp. (the indication sp.(= species) is used when it is impossible to give a species name). Fructifications of these plants have been found.