Neuropteris-like leaflets

-  Neuropteris obliqua
     upper leaflets broadly attached to the rachis

      veins distinct and somewhat hooked

Neuropteris obliqua

-  Neuropteris attenuata
     veins widely spaced and somewhat sinuous

      rather small pinnules

Neuropteris attenuata

-  Neuropteris ovata
      leaflets somewhat enlarged at the lower side (with an auricle)

Neuropteris ovata

-  Neuropteris scheuchzeri
     large, hairy leaflets

      often circular leaflets at the base of a leaf

Neuropteris scheuchzeri

-  Neuropteris dussartii
     leaflets with broad apex, touching each other
     only in the Piesberg

Neuropteris dussartii

-  Neuropteris heterophylla
     some pairs of small leaflets with a large terminal leaflet
     leaflets not more than one and a half times as long as broad

Neuropteris heterophylla

-  Neuropteris tenuifolia
     leaflets long tongue-shaped with distinct veins
     often slightly curved

      very fine stripes between the veins

Neuropteris tenuifolia

-  Neuropteris hollandica
     medium-sized, oval to a bit triangular, leaflets
     midvein up to about three quarters of the length of the leaflet
     secondary veins not very close and nearly straight

Neuropteris hollandica

-  Neuropteris parvifolia
     very small leaflets (mostly up to 6 mm)
     secondary veins not very close and a bit sinuous

Neuropteris parvifolia

-  Neuropteris semireticulata
     medium-sized, a bit triangular leaflets
     secondary veins not very close and a bit sinuous

      at some places the veins touch each other, forming meshes

Neuropteris semireticulata

-  Neuropteris bourozii
     rather large, broadly rounded leaflets with very fine venation
     secondary veins make a sharp angle with the midvein and branch several times

      secondary veins run with a faint curve to the border

Neuropteris bourozii

-  Neuralethopteris schlehanii
     leaflets mostly constricted at the base, sometimes decurrent
     midvein ending near the top

      secondary veins (almost) perpendicular to the border

Neuralethopteris schlehanii

-  Paripteris pseudogigantea
     leaflets tongue-shaped
     midvein visible for about 2/3 of the leaf

Paripteris pseudogigantea

-  Reticulopteris muensteri
     veins forming a network (reticulate venation)
     veins very distinct

Reticulopteris muensteri

-  Linopteris neuropteroides
      reticulate venation with long, narrow cells
      leaflets often slightly curved upwards
     leaflets opposite, pinna with two leaflets on top

Linopteris neuropteroides