Doubinger (1956) gives a series of other species which have been collected at Lodève. These are (translated to the new names): Culmitzschia intermedia, Culmitzschia laxifolia, Culmitzschia parviflora, Hermitia gallica, Hermitia schlotheimii and Hermitia anhardtii.
If you want to find the name of your conifer twigs, you can try it with the summary below from Haubold (1983) with drawings by Florin (1938 - 1945).

a. Hermitia stricta
b. Otovicia hypnoides
c. Culmitzschia angustifolia
d. Culmitzschia goeppertiana
e. Culmitzschia parvifolia
f. Culmitzschia laxifolia
g. Walchia piniformis
h. Culmitzschia hirmeri
i. Culmitzschia speciosa
k,l,m. Ernestiodendron filiciforme
n. Hermitia arnhardtii
o. Hermitia germanica